Larne Times’ 
campaign helps raise benefit check uptake by 570 per cent

I am writing to say thanks again, on behalf of the charity, for the support of the Larne Times in helping us reach older people in the local boroughs of Larne, Carrickfergus and Newtownabbey during our successful benefit uptake campaign.

The Larne - together with sister papers the Carrick and Newtownabbey Times - were a great platform to raise awareness of pensioner poverty in the local boroughs and to highlight the services that Age NI offers to increase benefit uptake and reduce loneliness and isolation.

It was also a great opportunity for local people like Beryl McKnight and Jean Haveron to talk about their own experiences of using Age NI services.

As you know, calls to our advice lines increased five-fold and our advisors carried out 67 benefits checks which was an increase of 670 per cent - incredible!

The most significant aspect that came out of the campaign is the thousands of pounds worth of unclaimed benefits that were identified for older people who may have been missing out on this money for some time - money that will undoubtedly impact positively on their lives.

Also during the campaign, our advisors received calls from a significant number of older people relating to other issues like community care and housing.

Thank you for continued support and for committing your time and energy to the campaign and for helping us reach older, vulnerable people and making a real difference to their everyday lives.

Melanie Bradford,

Age NI