Let’s start at the Maze with a clean slate

PLEASE allow me to commend the ‘Ulster Star’ for two very interesting, sensible and timely articles in last week’s paper, under the heading ‘Maze Move is Good for Everyone’ and the letter ‘Knock them Down’.

There is now a real opportunity to move forward, starting from a level playing field. The Star is absolutely right, we are waiting a long time, yes, and Proud to Serve is also right in stating unionist politicians stance on the Maze left a lot to be desired.

However it makes common sense that if we are to move on that, there is no baggage from the past, and no matter how much certain politicians, and in particular unionist ones, who should know better, try to dress up Conflict Transformation Centres, without demolition, it will become a shrine to Terrorism.

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If the Maze is to become the setting for the RUAS and as the Star rightly says major Conference, Recreation and Leisure facilities provided, then there can be no more hypocrisy, there can be no return to those politicos who put party interests before greater sporting good (National Stadium).

So who now will have the courage to campaign for demolition? No more smoke screens or red herrings, just an honest appraisal, so that we can all move forward together.

AC, Lisburn