Lisburn deservesbetter representation

I HAVE decided to stand for election in Lisburn North as I feel the Unionist community deserve better representation.

I believe in the service element of public service rather than the personal kudos of holding elected office.

We hear a lot currently that the Union is safe. But how safe is it when so many young Unionists do not vote? We must re-engage these young voters or risk losing everything. We all have a vested interest in politics so why should it only be practised by a privileged few? With the harsh financial times we face, I feel we need fresh ideas on the council so as to get value for money for the ratepayer, we can do better and we must do better.

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Lisburn is fast becoming a no go area for investment and we must act now to stop the rot. In the last few months the DUP have axed the basketball centre in Lisburn and the tennis centre at Hillsborough while the planned terrorist shrine at the Maze site has doubled in size. A real chance to turn the Lisburn area into a centre of sporting excellence has been missed and ensured that the Lisburn area will have no Olympic legacy.

For all of our ratepayer sponsored council junkets and ‘trade missions’ to far flung corners of Europe and all the money spent, how many jobs have actually been created? Surely this money would be better spent bringing business and industry leaders to the Lisburn area and showing them what we have to offer rather than sponsoring Councillors air miles? A skilled workforce and unrivalled transport links should be an easy sell and one must wonder why this has not already been done?

Unless we use what money we have available to better effect and for job creation then we risk consigning a generation to the scrap heap. And bear in mind this is a generation that daily carries out acts of heroics in Afghanistan for all too little pay. Imagine what they could achieve if we gave them the opportunities.

In Lisburn we have many other issues that need attention including better services and support for the elderly and better police coverage, particularly on the weekend. It is a scandal that many of our pensioners are not claiming all of the benefits they are entitled to because they do not understand the countless forms they need to fill out to claim them. Protecting the vulnerable in society should be our number one priority.

The Ulster Unionist party are dedicated to deliver for all of our society rather than following a narrow political agenda designed to benefit only party interest. I hope that on polling day you will see your way to supporting my candidacy.

Neil McNickle

Ulster Unionist candidate for Lisburn North