Milk cup donation ‘scandalous’

SIR, IN the last few weeks the papers have been filled with comments about Ballymoney Council’s use of ratepayers money, however one article particularly impressed me most.

Last week Iain McAfee declared that he would work to address the blatant waste ratepayers money especially to the Milk Cup. Well I say good on him. Everything he said was spot on. The Milk Cup brings little or no benefit to our town and to give over £15,000 is scandalous.

What is more sickening is the duplicity of the Councillors who within the space of eight months have done a complete u-turn on the issue. Last July the Mayor Bill Kennedy and his fellow Ulster Unionists voted against giving the Milk Cup more money citing various reasons however now agree with it.

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Is having their back patted at some lavish dinner more important that addressing the serious issues that exist in Ballymoney or do they now realise that they need to get into bed with the DUP to secure their seats at the forthcoming election?

Surely given the current economic hardship making every ratepayers penny count should be the priority.

Regardless of why they made this stupid decision, it has not been done with the best interests of the people of Ballymoney at heart and I for one will not be voting for any of them this year.

Yours sincerely

K Henry