Parent outraged by school inspection

AS a parent of four children who all went to Laurelhill Community College I am outraged about the recent inspection findings.

All four of my children went to university, two of them completed their Masters.

None of this would have been possible without the superb pastoral care and quality teaching at the school.

The teachers are so approachable and dedicated. Just look at the car park at 4pm when the children are long gone!

What is not being reported is that Lisburn schools are struggling because a lot of parents send their children to the single sex grammars in Belfast rather than to a secondary school.

Laurelhill can only work with what it has been given and I can assure you they provide a qaulity education.

Something is lacking in education - you only have to look at the number of ‘failing’ schools.

Parents in Lisburn need to support local secondary schools. It is better to be ‘top’ in a secondary than ‘bottom’ in a grammar school.

Laurelhill is about the child. Look at the drama, clubs, care, community.

I want to publicly thank Laurelhill for all they have done for my children. The youngest left last year but still visits to ‘see the teachers’. This alone says it all.

Supportive and Clued In Parent,