People ‘astounded’ by ban on poppies

JUST this summer the Queen and President McAleese laid wreaths at the wonderful Garden of Remembrance in Dublin in memory of the young men from all over Ireland and of all religions who gave their lives in World War 1.

Many people from Northern Ireland have visited the Garden of Remembrance and are welcomed by guides who find details of family members killed in that conflict. Guides even point out a British Legion box where visitors can leave donations.

That is why the people of Lisburn and district have been astounded when shops that have only arrived here over the past few years have stopped their staff from wearing poppies in remembrance of those who gave their lives to give us freedom.

Any ban on poppies will be seen by many as an insult to the British Legion and those whose relatives were killed serving their country may decide to exercise their right to take their business elsewhere.

Thank goodness for the stores, many of them family owned, who have served the people of Lisburn for generations, and who not only have no objection to their staff wearing poppies, but are proud to sell them as well.

British Legion Supporter