Petition in support of McAfee

Dear Sir, Last week myself and a number of other people who had voted for Independent Councillor Iain McAfee got together and agreed to design and produce a petition as a sign of our support.

As shown in the press in the past couple of weeks there is significant backing for Iain and much annoyance that he may be disqualified.

It is our view that Iain’s employment had no bearing on the election result which we again point out saw him receive the second highest first preference votes.

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He was elected fair and square and the will of the people should be accepted. We also believe that there is no conflict between his job as a Health Inequalities Officer working across Larne and Carrickfergus and his role as a Councillor.

In fact his knowledge and expertise would have been of benefit to the Borough. It is our view that the section of the law in question is both out-dated and discriminatory particularly when, as was pointed out in one letter that you can be a convicted terrorist and become a Mayor yet if your employment is held by another Council you are disqualified.

It is a shameful situation we find ourselves in and one that must change. In the four days that the petition has been available there is already over 400 signatures and that is through word of mouth only.

It shows the depth of disgust in the community and we feel that the views of the signatories’ should not be ignored or dismissed.

The petition is online by searching Iain McAfee at Anyone wanting to take a sheet should ring 07038988515 or 07846854211

Yours sincerely,

Peter Thompson