Plan to close school disastrous for pupils

I CARRY no torch for Dunmurry High School, nor do I have any links with it, but it seems to me quite amazing that unelected commissioners on the South Easter Education and Library Board can, out of the blue, suddenly announce that a school should close within the year.

If you wanted to heap even more pressure on children to succeed in education it would be hard to think of a better way than this.

It’s bad enough for those who are in their last year now and will be taking their examinations next summer, but even worse for those who will find their school closing half way through their GCSE courses.

And what about those in third form who should now be thinking about their subject choice for GCSE? Unless this is resolved very quickly they will have no choice but to leave Dunmurry in the middle of the year so they can be sure of doing the course they want over the following two years.

This is like something from the worst days of direct rule - and it’s our children who are suffering.

I hope politicians of all parties will unite and face down this threat.

If schools are to close it should be on the basis of a coherent, rational and properly researched planning which has the best interests of the children at heart - not in a piecemeal and destructive way.

Lisburn Parent