Praise for Mads Production

A scene from MADS production of Les Mis.A scene from MADS production of Les Mis.
A scene from MADS production of Les Mis.

Here’s what you had to say about MADS production of Les Mis which was performed over the weekend...

Absolutely amazing show to be part of, glad I went and auditioned, lots of talented cast members who are all amazing to work with.

Ellen Creaney

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The young local talent was outstanding, the live orchestra was amazing and Mads Craigavon have to be commended for the production. My three daughters loved every minute of it and our family and friends were rewarded by the incredible show.

Elaine McCaughley

Was a fab show could not fault it! Very talented young people who should be very proud of themselves and the orchestra was fab really made it and they deserved the standing ovation and tears at the end! Well done MADS.

Ellen McMenamin

I was at the show on Sunday night as my daughter Erin Tennyson was playing Eponine that night. The show was amazing from start to finish, all the cast delivered a performance you’d see on the West End. It was a credit to everyone involved, they should all be so proud of themselves.

Carol Clarke

Fantastic show a credit to all involved in it both off stage and on. My daughter loved every minute of being involved in it and am so proud of her and all the cast .

Ciara Mitchell

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Outstanding show credit to all involved a performance fit for any Broadway stage

Annmarie Seeley

Hard work dedication and commitment from all the young people contributed to a world class show. If only the young people who I noticed walking the streets on the Friday and Saturday night with alcohol could be guided into something as productive as Mads Craigavon.

David Doyle

I was heavily involved in this production and I am so proud and thankful to all the cast, crew, production team, Portadown Town Hall staff, parents, families and audience members for making this show the success that is was. The talent in our local area is simply outstanding and there was not one weakness among the cast. They all worked extremely hard this summer to pull this show off as a team and they all know that it was not easy as they were under a huge amount of pressure to pull the show off! (mostly from myself lol) I am truly blessed to have been given the chance to work with the 70+ children all aged 5 - 19. Also a big thank-you to all the kind reviews so far. The hard work really does pay off

Caitríona Corr

Fantastic show worthy of any West End stage ...I went to five performances and they just got better and better. My three children were very lucky to be part of this amazing show

Andrea Fennell Lawlor

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My two children where part of this amazing show and all I can say is WOW! The orchestra was fabulous. I went to five performances and the emotion and passion of each and every performer was breathtaking and credit to them all and the production team at Mads Craigavon .

Annieca Haddock

An outstanding and professional Mads production of Les Miserables School Edition. The talent of the entire cast was unbelievable. I had goosebumps from the very first show. So pleased that my daughter had the privilege of playing the part of one of the young Cosettes. This show is a credit to the entire Mads team and to everyone involved in it whose hard work and dedication delivered a production that was worthy of the West End! Seven standing ovations says it all. Well done!

Lisa Ferguson

My daughter was in this show and loved every minute of it. The show was incredible. It was an amazing production. Hard to believe the cast were school children. They were all so dedicated and it definitely paid off. The orchestra just made the show experience feel even more professional. Huge congratulations to all involved!

Susan McConaghy

What an amazing time I had doing it, was well worth all the hard work, couldn’t ask for a better cast and crew!

Holly Kernaghan

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Absolutely loved being a part of Les Mis! Best six weeks of my life! Such a talented bunch of people to work with.

Caitriona Palmer

I was in the wings for this show and the voices of this young cast brought me out in goosebumps and tears to my eyes, not one of them would be out of place on any West End stage, even the youngest of cast members never stopped acting when they were on stage. Such talent from everyone of them and the orchestra was fantastic and it really added to the show. Also the fact that they got seven standing ovations out of seven shows speaks for itself. On the Saturday night show the building was evacuated as the fire alarm went off early into the show and the cast had to go from the start again but it did not put one of the young cast off and the show as with the rest of them was amazing. Sad it is over.

Yvonne McAleenan

Such an amazing experience loved every minute of it and seeing a standing ovation every night just shows all of our hard work paid off!

Courtney Harbinson

Loved being in it such an amazing show! Loved working with the cast and crew! A lot of hard work was put in it but I’d do it over in a heart beat!

Dáiríne McCaughley

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So glad my daughter was a part of this truely amazing show the talent on that tat stage was absolutely second to none the crew and cast worked really hard to get the show to perfection and we all should be very proud of our children for letting everyone see what a very talented bunch of kids they are

Martin Henderson

I was at the show on Thursday and Sunday evenings. My daughter Rheanna Mckinley was one of the cast. An absolutely amazing show, the emotion and passion from everyone of the cast was incredible. So privileged to have had the opportunity to be there and witness such amazing talent!

Catherine Mckinley

Unless you were there, don’t think you can appreciate what a landmark performance this was. As a parent, I was blown away by the talent on stage. Les Miserables is such an iconic show and MADS! pulled it off with professionalism, passion and raw emotion. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck over and over with the magnificent and rousing chorus of ‘One More Day’ and the tender and poignant solos.

Marie Therese McDowell

I played Javert and have never felt better on stage in my life, the atmosphere and professionalism of the set was just the perfect experience as a young performer.

Ethan Lawlor

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As assistant director it’s perhaps not my place to comment. But what people saw last week was not an accident. It was the culmination of eight weeks of dedication from an extremely talented group of young people. Add in a great set, costumes, superb musicians and an experienced team of directors and crew, and everything was in place. Granted, the players still had to go on stage and perform. This they did, every single one, to the highest level and it was a simple pleasure to be involved.

Raymond Murray

What can I say! I am so delighted my daughter was given the opportunity to take part in this show as the young Cosette. What an amazing, professional group Mads are, I am so impressed with the talent by all the children! My daughter had the best time in her life! The show was fabulous and we didn’t want it to end. New lifetime friendships have been made!

Alison Hamill Freeburn

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