Scheme should forgo water attractions

WITH regards to Phase One of the Lisburn City Centre Public Realm and the introduction of water for civic display and play. I note the qualification of ‘on warmer occasions’. I wonder what percentage of the year will enable this?

I suggest that the risk of soaking pedestrians is highly likely given the prevalence of stiff breezes in the NI weather. Also slippy pavements.

Forgo water ‘attractions’ please. How often does the water near the Belfast Customs Office be turned on?

The current set up surely just requires a good tidying up. The vegetation has become established and provides an element of shelter and is gentler on the eye.

Could more trees be provided in the existing layout?

I note that parking at the museum has been reduced further and it would seem any parking for buses, ie tourists, has gone for a burton - have there not been complaints already about lack of bus/coach parking there?

Why would folk come to the area at night anyway? Have I missed out on cafe society?

I am sorry to be a killjoy but I have see the debacle that ‘improvements work’ has done to Lurgan just because the money was available.

In all honesty I like the openness of the old picture.

With regards to Phase Two, definitely do something to tidy up these approach areas - students sitting on pavements in drafty passageways.

Erica Lund,