Something needs done about car park security

FOLLOWING your story last week about Benson Street car park, I had one of my protective covers removed from my wing mirror a number of months ago.

I naively thought that someone must have knocked it off when reversing past my car but when I went to look for the cover it was nowhere to be found. It was only after reading the story of this happening to someone else that I realised that it was most likely stolen.

Benson Street is a very useful car park due to its location in Lisburn, I would park in it daily and walk to Lisburn Train Station as it is only 5-10 minutes walk, but I always worry about leaving my car there.

Every Monday morning when you drive into the car park you will see broken glass bottles, cigarette packets etc. scattered on some on the spaces and I often see young people loitering around the steps to the left side of the car park who are most likely to blame. I am not trying to point the finger solely at young people and this is not a biased opinion as I am in my 20’s myself.

I would strongly advise that something is done to help secure this car park such as CCTV as these incidents will surely rise coming up to the darker evenings and the Christmas period.

I am strongly considering finding somewhere more secure to park my car but with Benson street being one of the only free car parks my options are limited.

I work in Belfast City Centre and live just outside Lisburn and therefore commute on the train daily. The only other option is to park on North Circular Road but this is often filled by 8am every morning and sometimes it isn’t feasible for me to get to before then.

Even at that, I had a relative have her car broken into and burnt out just a few months ago on a Friday afternoon on North Circular Road, so it appears nowhere is safe!

Concerned Commuter