Theatre row: Christians are not ‘fair game’

As a resident of Ballyclare and Newtownabbey, I applaud the council in this decision to cancel the play ‘The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged)’.

If it were a play mocking different nationalities or homosexuality, you can rest assured the equality lobby, play writers and comedians would be loud and consistent in their protests.

Because the play was attacking the Bible and Bible believing Christians, it seems we are fair game.

When will they do a production to mock Islam or the Koran? Just so as you know, I would not want to see that either.

I am not concerned about the criticism or being made a “laughing stock” when it is for standing up for what is right.

So when the next local elections come around I will be asking our councillors where they stood on this issue.

Shaun McFall