Unionists urged to resist ‘bogus clarion call’

HOW disappointing to read in a previous edition (March 24) Jeffrey Donaldson MP’s ‘appeal’ to unionists in Lagan Valley to vote DUP at the Assembly Election ‘to stop Sinn Fein’ getting a seat.

I find it impossible to believe Mr Donaldson is unaware that electoral boundary changes make it so unlikely Sinn Fein will win a seat in Lagan Valley this year that their current sitting MLA Paul Butler has already announced he will not contest the election (as described in the March 17 edition of your paper).

Could it be that Mr Donaldson is returning to the old DUP electoral policy of frightening the voters?

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With such a poor record of DUP delivery at both Lisburn Council level (no John Lewis, no Maze stadium, no Basketball and Netball centre of Excellence), and at Stormont level (the debacle over local Government reform, continued widespread planning service backlogs, lost 2012 Olympic investment opportunities) – perhaps there really is nothing for Mr Donaldson to offer at this election than the tired “Stop Sinn Fein” anthem.

I hope, however, voters in Lagan Valley will consider voting for a party that’s proven it can deliver. When the UUP controlled Lisburn Council before 2005, the new Civic Centre, the Leisureplex, the Linen Centre and the instigation of the Castle Gardens project all stand testimony to that. Free prescriptions, widescale health reform and new hospital, health and further education facilities in Lisburn show the UUP more than capable of delivering for Lagan Valley at Stormont too.

Richard Price

Ulster Unionist Council Candidate for Downshire.