‘Worse is yet to come for Evangelicals’

The ongoing wrangle over the now infamous sermon at Whitewell (Metropolitan Tabernacle) is an indicator of the openly anti-Christian direction our society is heading.

That a republican politician sends for the police, Alliance politicians condemn using the old racist card trick and senior politicians elsewhere wading in to express dismay and alarm, is a warning to Evangelicals that worse is yet to come. It is also clear that the media has no sympathy whatever for Christians unless they are willing to bow to the world.

As for those ecclesiastics (Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist) who hurriedly prostrated themselves to avoid any displeasure, they have openly placed themselves first before First Commandment loyalty. Typical of waffling compromising ecclesiastics.

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As for Northern Ireland being a bastion of Protestantism, that era is now over. The Scriptural response is clear.

First to preach faithfully the Crown Rights of the Saviour. And if that requires an exposure of false religions then do so. Publicly, unapologetically and unashamedly.

Second, if it requires the breaking of law, tradition and political correctness then break it. There is Scriptural warrant to do so. We are always to obey God and not man.

Third, the necessity of Reformation. The weakness within evangelicalism is the direct consequence of abandoning truth preaching and catechising for touchy feeling experience driven worship. It is time to ditch man centred preaching, worldly worship and gimmick driven attractions. This country needs the gospel.

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Fourth, in order to instil backbone, truth and convictions into the believers psalm singing is the appropriate God given instrument. It’s time to ditch the ballads before the doors are closed.

Finally, that Islam is a fascist, tyrannical, murderous religion makes it little different from communism. Christians have died under them all. Scores are being executed or imprisoned on a regular basis for confessing Christ. As things now look in this country it may not be too long before the same happens here.

Rev Trevor Kirkland

Free Church Manse,

Ballyclare (via email)

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