Over 180 years of serving its readers

THE SENTINEL first hit the streets on September 19, 1829. It was a year of political turmoil in Ireland as Daniel O'Connell was spearheading a campaign for Catholic Emancipation.

So for the price of 5d the citizens of Londonderry were able to read the events of the day in the Londonderry Sentinel and NorthWest Advertiser.

Today, in its 181st year, the Londonderry Sentinel and its county edition, the Roe Valley Sentinel continue to serve the unionist community within the city and the county very well, so much so that the paper was one of just a small number of paid for titles to enjoy growth anywhere in the UK during the second half of last year.

With a reputation for probing journalism we are always there to listen and to hold to account the leaders of the day. Most recently, the Sentinel campaigned against plans to wipe the ‘London’ prefix from the city’s name.

In recent years the Londonderry Sentinel was also the first paper to bring you news that Seagate Limavady was to close.

In East Londonderry the Roe Valley Sentinel continues to campaign on the issues that effect the rural community.

Call 02871348889 to contact the news team in Londonderry and 02877764090 to contact the Roe Valley Sentinel.