Paint attack on Orange Hall is condemned

There was condemnation this week of a recent paint attack on Crewe Orange hall at Upper Ballinderry and a caution against retaliation.

Ulster Unionist MLAs Robbie Butler and Jenny Palmer branded the culprits “irresponsible hooligans” and an “appalled” Mrs Palmer called on police to step up patrols around local Orange Halls.

“As an Orangewoman I am fully aware of the benefits Orange Halls share in their communities and totally condemn those responsible,” she said.

Mr Butler added: “I totally condemn this act of mindless vandalism and I appeal to people to remain calm and not be provoked into any kind of retaliation.

“I urge the community to assist the police with any help they can in terms of information so that those responsible for this vandalism can be brought before the courts as soon as possible.”

Echoing calls for information, the Orange Institution itself likewise condemned what’s reported to be the eighth attack this year on its property in Northern Ireland.

A spokesperson said: “The mindless individuals behind this cowardly act have nothing to offer society and should be ashamed of their actions.

“This hall, like many others across the Province, serves as a centre for events and social engagement in the locality.

“Such moronic activity is an attack on the entire community and serves absolutely no purpose.”