Pair arrested for shoplifting

Two women caught shop lifting by the local CCTV were stopped driving up the M1 motorway with a car full of goods.

The pair had been stopped by a manager of a store in Bow Street Mall and due to the small value of the goods the manager did not contact police.

A Citywatch spokesperson said: “The manager didn’t wish to waste police time but us pesky CCTV Operators had other ideas as once they had left the store they had committed theft regardless if the goods are recovered or not.

“Police were informed and details of their vehicle and its direction of travel was transmitted to the police crews.

“The vehicle was stopped on the M1 and as you can see a large number of goods were recovered which the females had no receipts for.

“As they continued to protest their innocence we were able to check with some of the stores who confirmed the items had been stolen.

“They were both arrested and street bailed while enquires continue with the stores effected.”