Parents get interactive with Whiteboards workshop at Dunmurry Primary School

DUNMURRY Primary School has organised a workshop for parents to demonstate how Interactive Whiteboards can be used with their children in class and allow parents too to 'have a go'.

Parents loved the opportunity to get 'hands on' with the technology and were very enthusiastic about the evening and said they had no idea how much these boards could do to enhance their children's education.

The boards have been installed in all classrooms and are motivating for both staff and pupils.

Jane Karney, the principal, congratulated the Parents Support Group on providing two of the boards for the school. The group undertook a range of activities to raise money, including a disco for parents and children, ballots, refreshments at events, recycling projects, Santa's Grotto, and sales and special events.

"I am grateful to all the parents for the fantastic support they give to the school," said Ms Kareny. "The staff appreciate the huge possibilities for flexible modern teaching and learning that the boards offer and the children love the interactive activities and the visual motivation and support they provide. "