Parking tickets awarded increase in 2014

Newly-released DRD figures show an increase in penalty charge notices (PCNs)in Larne, Carrickfergus and Newtownabbey during 2014.

The statistics show that 956 PCNs were issued in Larne in 2014, an increase of 67 from 2013.

In addition, the number of PCNs awarded in Ballyclare jumped from 188 in 2013 to 334 in 2014, a rise of 146.

In Newtownabbey, 350 PCNs were awarded in 2014, representing an additional 132 PCNs compared with the previous year.

Doagh, which had received no PCNs for the previous four years, received a modest three PCNs in 2014.

Meanwhile, Carrickfergus residents received 1,333 PCNs in 2014, an increase of 395 from 2013.The number of PCNs handed out in Whitehead increased slightly from four to nine.

A DRD spokesperson commented: “We provide parking enforcement to encourage drivers to park properly and to reduce the number of illegally parked vehicles. The benefits include less congestion, more available parking spaces in town centres and car parks, and improved safety for all; but drivers are expected to park properly whether traffic attendants are present or not.

“The number of Penalty Charge Notices issued in any one town or area depends on many factors, not least of which are the size of the town, the extent of parking restrictions and the volume of traffic.

“These factors plus the level of illegal parking will influence where Traffic Attendants (TA) are deployed. TransportNI has to prioritise its limited TA resources so that it can provide an effective and balanced enforcement service.

“Everyone who receives a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is entitled to challenge the issuing of the PCN. Should the challenge not be successful, the recipient can then make formal representation of evidence. If this second stage is also unsuccessful there is the final option of going to appeal with and independent adjudicator, if they feel it was unfairly issued. This will require appellants to provide as much information as possible to allow full consideration of any appeal,” he concluded.

Responsibility for off-street car parks transferred to the 11 new councils on April 1. For more information on parking enforcement go to