Pastor describes Scott’s attackers as ‘evil’ and ‘horrible’

A LISBURN pastor has described those who carried out the attack of 17-year-old Scott Vineer who was assaulted last Thursday as ‘evil’ and ‘horrible.’

Nick Serb, from Mount Zion Free Methodist Church has been visiting Scott at the Royal Victoria Hospital where he remains in intensive care. He met Scott a few years ago through the drop-in centre and described him as a friendly big fellow, who was well liked, a keen West Ham football supporter who was also passionate about music.

“I have known him for some time through the drop-in centre and since he left I would have still met him out in the street,” he said. “We never had a problem with him and any experience I had with him was always very positive. He was always very good and easy to talk to and very friendly. He was very street aware. That is why I am puzzled and am trying to find a reason why someone would want do this to him of all people. I cannot see an excuse for such a vicious, vicious attack.”

The pastor said that he was shocked when he first heard that Scott had been attacked and has been offering the family support, this week.“The family have said that they have been overwhelmed by the support that they have received and they very much appreciate it,” he said. “I know that people from far and wide have been praying for him as far away as my home town in Romania and south and north America.”

He said that when he first saw Scott lying in intensive care he felt sick. “When I left the hospital I felt like crying,” he said. “At first when the nurse said ‘this is Scott’ I said no, that’s not the guy I know.”

He said that there are just not enough words to describe how he felt. “I just do not know how someone can do that to another human being,” he said.

“I cannot understand how someone could beat someone repeatedly around the head and leave him somewhere to die. These people are just evil and horrible.

“To attack someone who was vulnerable. They are inhumane and just evil.”