Pastor's Pen: Performing an '˜ARK' can give you great pleasure

By Rev Paul LyonsAs we know, February 14 is Valentine's Day - a day to show that special person in your life how much you love him/her.

Rev Paul Lyons.
Rev Paul Lyons.
Rev Paul Lyons.

There is another special day (founded by Josh de Jong of New Zealand), Acts of Random Kindness Day, celebrated three days later that is becoming very popular.

Individuals, groups and organisations are encouraged to do acts of random kindness (ARK) on February 17.

I heard a true story told by a church leader (Bob) recently. He used to travel frequently to Dublin for business. In those days he had to stop at the M50 Toll Bridge to pay. After a while he found the journey monotonous. To brighten up his journey he used to do an act of random kindness.

When Bob stopped to pay for his own toll tariff he would also pay for the car behind him. He would tell the cashier that his friend was in the car behind him. In reality, he had no idea who it was. He felt that the person travelling behind him was probably as bored as he was and he wanted to brighten up the driver’s day!

After saying goodbye to the cashier Bob would pull into the side of the motorway. He would watch in his mirror as the cashier explained to the car driver his friend in front of him had paid his toll for him.

Bob would wait a few seconds for the confused driver to pull away from the cashier and look over at his car. He would give the driver a big smile and wave. For the duration of his journey Bob smiled and chuckled to himself as he reflected on the bewildered look on the other driver’s face!

Imagine, paying another driver’s toll, one euro sixty cent, took away boredom, provided so much fun and blessed the other driver.

There are two sides to an ‘ARK’. In the act you help the recipient but also the giver receives great pleasure.

This is not a new discovery in life. In the Bible we read in Acts 20 verse 35: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Often today many people think they experience their greatest joy when they receive, but ‘ARK’ teach us that in giving we are more blessed.

Is today a little monotonous? You could make it enjoyable and memorable by doing an Act of Random Kindness!