Pastor’s Pen: Which side of the cross are you on?

By Rev Frank McKeownOn Good Friday we commemorate an event that divides all of mankind into two distinct groups.
Rev Frank McKeown.Rev Frank McKeown.
Rev Frank McKeown.

In your imagination, journey back with me to Calvary, a hill just outside Jerusalem and watch the scene unfold. As we approach the hill, we see three crude, wooden crosses. On the two outside crosses are criminals, hanging in intense agony as payment to society for their crimes. But on the middle cross hangs an innocent man. His pain had come through no fault of his own. He is suffering for others. He is Jesus.

As we watch the three men, one of the criminals begins to mock Jesus. But the other one rebukes this mocker.

Then, turning towards the man in the middle, he pleads: “Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom”, to which Jesus replies: “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise”.

At that moment the dividing line was drawn. One man finds forgiveness and hope and the other man dies in his sins.

Friend, Jesus Christ is still the dividing line between two groups of humanity. We have but two choices - reject Christ’s sacrificial death for our sins and be lost for eternity or trust in His saving work on the cross and receive eternal life.

The cross has only two sides. On which side are you?

Make this Easter a time to remember - the time when you by faith make Jesus Christ your Saviour and Lord.

May you and your family have a happy Easter.

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