Pensioner thanks Good Samaritan who got her home

A LURGAN woman has thanked the Good Samaritan who got her home safely after she got into difficulties with her motability scooter on Boxing Day.

Margaret Irwin (72) was on her way back from Rushmere to her home in Carrick Drive when the warning light starting flashing on her scooter to tell her the battery was low.

“I don’t know why I had decided to take the paths through Craigavon instead of the way I usually go,” she said.

“I was told it was shorter but I think it was longer plus the hills take more power out of the scooter.

“It wasn’t that long after leaving Rushmere that the light came on. I got into a bit of a panic. I was terrified of not making it home.”

She continued: “Nobody even looked near me until this man stopped and asked me if everything was okay.

“I told him what was wrong and he said he was going to go and get his car so he could follow me and make sure I got home alright.

“He followed me in his car and I’d say he must have stopped eight or 10 times on the way to make sure I was alright.

“It normally takes me three quarters of an hour to make the journey. On Boxing Day it was a lot longer. I wasn’t home until about 1.30pm. I was like a drowned rat when I got home, but that didn’t matter. The main thing was I got home.”

Margaret said she was eternally grateful to the gentleman who got her home, but unfortunately he didn’t hang around long enough for her to get his name.

She commented: “The man saw me right to the front door, but he said he had to go in a hurry because his wife had his dinner waiting for him.

“I thanked him at the time, but I can’t thank him enough. The more I think about it, I can’t get over how kind he was and how much he went out of his way to help me.”