72-hour fast in village for Christian Aid

St Patrick’s Church in Broughshane is sponsoring a 72-hour fast from Thursday, May 19, as part of Christian Aid Week.

This annual week series of events runs from Sunday, May 15, to Saturday, May 21 and the three-day fast will be centred at the Mall outside McNeill’s grocery and hardware shops in Broughshane from May 19 to Sunday, May 2.

While the fast lasts 72 hours, the Christian Aid stall will be open between 9am-6pm each day.

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Canon Stuart Lloyd hopes to be joined by others as they forgo food for those three days in order to promote the work of Christian Aid and to raise funds for that work. Anyone is welcome to come along and to participate in the project for a period.

Canon Stuart Lloyd hopes to be joined by others as they forgo food for three days in order to raise funds for and promote the work of Christian Aid

The particular focus of Christian Aid this year is on Zimbabwe where climate change has brought drought which in turn leads to hunger. A 72-hour fast gives but the smallest indication of what it might mean to survive on very little food on an ongoing basis.

Christian Aid Week has been taking place throughout Great Britain and Ireland for over 60 years. During the last few years, because of Covid, the marking of the week has been greatly curtailed. It is hoped that this year, through a host of events, support for the work of Christian Aid can be greatly enhanced at a time when the needs of so many in our world cry out for a ready and generous response.

Christian Aid was founded in 1945 by British and Irish Churches in order to help refugees following the Second World War. Now over 75 years later war in Ukraine has resulted in so many more refugees and one of the areas of Christian Aid’s work today is partnering with others to support these

refugees. Christian Aid Ireland works across 37 countries. It works with and for people of all faiths and none as well as churches and other organisations. It seeks to expose poverty and suffering throughout the world and to help in practical ways to end it. Donations can be made on site at the fast or through the website – www.christianaid.ie/christian-aid/ireland