BBC Two's Mastermind seeking quiz contestants from Northern Ireland for Belfast filming

Would you like to put your specialist subject and general knowledge skills to the test in the iconic black Mastermind chair?

BBC Two’s popular Mastermind quiz show is currently seeking contenders for the next series to be filmed in Belfast.

The casting team are encouraging people from across Northern Ireland who fancy facing quizmaster Clive Myrie under the glare of the spotlight to put their names forward.

Mastermind is widely regarded as the most rigorous and intellectual British quiz show and it has been broadcast for 50 years.

BBC Two's Mastermind is seeking contestants from Northern Ireland for filming in Belfast.

The quiz was the brainchild of TV producer Bill Wright, a former RAF gunner, who drew on his wartime experience as a prisoner of war in Germany of answering three questions - name, rank and number - to create the Mastermindritual of contestants being asked their name, occupation and specialist subject.

The first ever edition of ‘Mastermind’ was recorded at Liverpool University and aired on BBC One in 1972. The show was hosted by former journalist Magnus Magnusson, a formidable Scot of Icelandic parentage who was billed as the show’s “interrogator”.

Four contenders drawn from the public, compete against each other and the clock to earn the most points. Each contender is quizzed firstly for two minutes on the specialist subject of their choice, and then - in round two - a further two minutes and 30 seconds on their general knowledge.

From the very first show, the contenders’ interrogation took place in the famous black leather chair and originally shows were recorded in universities, churches, and other imposing venues. Mastermind became a national institution, spawning catchphrases including “Pass” and "I've started so I'll finish".

Contenders compete for a magnificent glass bowl –beach one unique and decorated by engraver Denis Mann at his studio in Wick – and the honour of being crowned a Mastermind champion.

To apply to be a contestant please click here or email [email protected] (the application takes just 10 minutes to complete).

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Entry is open to UK residents (including Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) who are aged 18 or over.