Bernard’s legacy makes it to central Scotland

When a bunch of yellow balloons were released in memory of SPAR Greystone butcher, Bernard Sheridan, nobody knew just how far they would travel and the mark his legacy would leave in one balloon’s final destination.

Just days after its release, one of Bernard’s balloons was found on the shores of Loch Katrine in the Trossachs of Central Scotland, some 150 miles away from the store, and the walkers who found the balloon reached out to the team to let them know what they had found.

In an email to the team, Roger Doubal wrote: “How especially nice to hear that the balloon we found in Stronachlachar...was sent off in commemoration of your colleague.” Mr Doubal also let them know that its ribbon was used to splint a small Rowan tree sapling which had been damaged, which Diane Camlin at SPAR Greystone says is just so fitting for Bernard’s memory.

Diane said; “It is remarkable to think that Bernard is now known and remembered outside of our community, which is as it should be as he was a remarkable man. For his balloon’s ribbon to then be used to help along the sapling is wonderful as this is exactly something Bernard would’ve done himself, and it’s lovely to think his memory is helping sustain that growth. Bernard’s family gave friends and family seeds to sow and grow to think fondly of him, and I sowed mine at his parking space at the store.”

SPAR Greystone donating their cheque to Marie Curie in Bernard’s memory. (Left to Right) Elaine Sheridan (Wife), Michael Sheridan (Son), Heather Miller (Marie Curie), Claire Sheridan (Daughter) and Diane Camlin (Assistant Manager)

Now, a plaque has been fitted at the entrance of the store in memory of Bernard and the fantastic fundraising the store and his family have been doing in his memory since last summer.

Over £3,000 has been raised for the store charity partner, Marie Curie which also provided care for Bernard and his family in his final days