Boardmills WI marks anniversary

Boardmills WI held their first official meeting in January 1951 but, like many other celebrations, due to Covid, the ladies have been marking their 70th anniversary a year late.

The belated celebratory dinner in honour of the 70th anniversary was held in April. Special guests were Margaret Broome Federation Chairman, who brought greetings from the Federation, and Brenda Richardson, Rowallane Executive Member and Home Craft subcommittee Chairman.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious three course dinner in the Mulberry Tree Restaurant, Seaforde. A special celebratory cake had been made and beautifully decorated by fellow members Caroline Simms and Rosalind Foo. The cake was cut by Margaret Broome and May Fox, Honorary Member of Boardmills WI. May joined the Institute six months after the Institute was founded, so has been a member for over 70 years.

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Also on display was a special anniversary scrap book of all members beautifully compiled by member June Kirkpatrick, which everyone had an opportunity to view.

Members of Boardmills WI with Stephen Martin, former Mayor of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council

Some members entertained the group with a sketch entitled “The Washing Timeline”. This concluded a lovely evening together.

Members continued their celebrations when they visited the Island Centre in Lisburn, where they were the guests of then Mayor, Stephen Martin.

After refreshments Mr Martin gave the ladies a guided tour of the Council Chamber and recounted some of his memorable moments over the year, while carrying out his duties as Mayor.

One of these events was when Hillsborough had the Royal title bestowed on the town, making it Royal Hillsborough. The Mayor presented the group with an Irish Linen Double Damask Napkin, which was produced to commemorate the conferring of Royal Status to Hillsborough.

Agnes Black, President and Stephen Martin, former Mayor of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council

Boardmills WI have also participated in the Federation’s project, along with Woodland Trust, Northern Ireland, to ‘Plant a Tree for our Future’.

While members bought trees for their own gardens, the Institute also obtained a tree for each member, which were then donated to Trinity Presbyterian Church, Boardmills and Temple Golf Club.

Boardmills WI had been meeting in the Church hall for the last 70 years and have met in the Golf Club for the last year, so they wanted to provide both venues with trees as thanks to them for their assistance.

The ladies will conclude their celebrations with an outing to Newcastle and having Afternoon Tea at the Burrendale Hotel. While circumstances prevented them from celebrating last year, members have enjoyed all the activities even more this year, and look forward to future years of friendship and fun together.

Agnes Black, President, May Fox, Honorary Member, Margaret Broome, Federation Chairman, and Brenda Richardson, Rowallane Executive

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Presenting trees to Rev Richard Patton and Margaret Patterson for Trinity Presbyterian Church, Boardmills. From left: Agnes Black, Rosalind Foo, Angela McCullough, Rae Gould, Lily Scott, Rev Richard Patton, Anne Smyth, Margaret Patterson, chairman of Church committee, and June Kirkpatrick
Presenting trees to Toni Martin for Temple Golf Club - From left: Angela McCullough, Rae Gould, June Kirkpatrick, Toni Martin, Rosalind Foo and Agnes Black