Councillor organises north coast aid collection for Ukranian refugees

A Coleraine councillor has organised a collection of food, toiletries and clothes to send to Poland to help the thousands of Ukranian refugees crossing border each day.

Independent councillor Stephanie Quigley said on social media that she had organised the appeal as she had been “asked to help with an appeal for Ukrainian Refugees now in Eastern Poland Refugee Centres.”

The items being collected are:

Blankets, bed clothes, towels, sleeping bags (clean); dressings, bandages-factory packed; warm socks, underwear - male, female, child (new); toiletries ie soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, antiseptic hand gels/sprays etc; toilet roll and paper towels, nappies, sanitary towels, wet wipes; paper plates, cups, single use cutlery etc; ready-to-eat canned food (not requiring heating or further cooking); dry food ie fruits, nuts, crackers, cornflakes, rice crackers; coffee, tea, salt, sugar; bottled water, juices and other beverages.

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Collected items will be transferred to Poland over the weekend and early next week.

Three local collection points are open today (Monday, February 28) until Thursday (March 3) - Coleraine Community Rescue Shop; Portstewart Clothing Company; The Arcadia Cafe, Portrush.

Drop off times for the Arcadia: Monday 12.30-2.30pm; Tuesday 12.30-2.30pm; Wednesday 10am-4pm; Thursday 9am-5pm.

Cllr Quigley said: “A big thank you to Hazel Gallagher, Coleraine Community Rescue Shop; Ryan Mc Geough, Portstewart Clothing The Promenade and Tomasz and Tanya, Arcadia Portrush.

“These people always ready to help and support anytime. As always I am overwhelmed by the spirit of generosity in our community.”

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