Did you ever visit the Causeway Safari Park at Benvarden? Then Causeway Museum Services want to hear from you...

Did you ever visit the Safari Park at Benvarden, just outside Ballymoney? If so, then you could be part of a nostalgic exhibition of photos and memorabilia.

Causeway Coast and Glens Museum Services is currently compiling a Causeway Safari Park exhibition which will be on display in Ballymoney Museum this August and they are looking for your help!

Museum Services said: “Developed in 1970 by Pat Stephenson, visitors to the park had the unique experience of travelling in their own cars and buses into the main reserve where lions, tigers and baboons were kept. Many visitors report of how their tyres were slashed by the lions and wipers, number plates and wing mirrors pulled off by the baboons!

"But these were not the only animals visitors could see at the park. Reported at the time of its brief closure in 1986, the park had 34 lions, six tigers, three chimps, 22 monkeys, two leopards, two bears, zebras, camels, llamas, ponies and donkeys.

"As well as the animals, the park had many other attractions for all the family. There was the American superslide, the moonwalk, kiddy rides, bumper cars, trains, the Free Flight Aviary, café and ice cream parlour. There was also the Curio shop where you could get your photo taken with a lion cub by polaroid camera and have it made into a badge.

"In 1997 the Safari Park closed and the premises became what is now Benvarden Animal Rescue Kennels. To remember these Safari Park days, we are working on our Causeway safari park exhibition coming to Ballymoney Museum this August and are looking for your help!"

If you have any photographs, souvenirs, stories or even footage from your time visiting or indeed working at the Safari Park, Museum Services would love to hear from you.

To get in touch, message their Facebook page ‘Causeway Coast and Glens Museum Services’, email [email protected] or phone 028 276 60230.

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