Fuel costs: NI’s most expensive and cheapest petrol and diesel prices

Magherafelt is currently the most expensive place in Northern Ireland to buy diesel, according to the Northern Ireland Consumer Council.

The body carries out a weekly price check of fuel in 27 areas right across Northern Ireland and with prices soaring, all motorists are keen to find the best deals around.

The latest breakdown shows that those filling up with diesel in Magherafelt were paying the highest average price, at 184.6p per litre.

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The lowest average diesel price was found in Newtownabbey, at 168.9p per litre.

Cheapest fuel prices in Northern Ireland: Here are the cheapest places to buy diesel and petrol in NI.

When it comes to petrol prices, the highest average price in Northern Ireland is currently in Ballycastle where motorists can expect to fork out 166.9p per litre.

The lowest average price, meanwhile, is in Newry at 153.9p.

With the cost of living rising for everyone, it appears that Northern Ireland’s motorists are keen to find out the best deals around when it comes to petrol and diesel prices.

The Consumer Council has revealed that in March alone, more than 35,000 people checked out their online Fuel Price Checker.

Cheapest fuel prices in Northern Ireland: Here are the cheapest places to buy diesel and petrol in NI.

Meanwhile, in the week following the five pence cut in fuel excise duty, the Consumer Council’s research shows the average price of unleaded petrol and diesel across Northern Ireland have dropped by 3.4p and 1.9p respectively.

As part of the Spring Budget 2022, the Government cut excise duty on motor fuel by five pence per litre, with effect from March 23. This was to ease the pressure on motorists as fuel prices rose to unprecedented levels.

Richard Williams, Head of Transport Policy at the Consumer Council, said: “Whilst we are pleased to see a small reduction in fuel prices in the first week following the Government’s cut in motor fuel excise duty, retailers must pass on all savings to consumers as soon as possible.

“We know the price of petrol and diesel is made up of a number of factors which may vary from one retailer to another and some may be able to pass the cut in duty more quickly than others. We have always seen a variation in pump prices across Northern Ireland and even within local areas. This may be due to factors such as when the fuel was purchased by the retailer, the volume they purchased at a certain price, and the business model of the station which may discount fuel prices to get customers into their shop.

“We hope to see further reductions over the next week as we continue to monitor fuel prices. Consumers can use our Fuel Price Checker as a guide to the price they can expect to pay in their area. We have seen a huge demand in our tool since fuel prices have increased, with over 35,000 consumers using it in March 2022 alone.”

How to save money on fuel

The Consumer Council has provided the following tips for motorists eager to keep their fuel costs as low as possible:

* Keep your tyres inflated - reduce the drag

* Declutter your car - Less weight means less fuel

* Don’t fill your car up – fuel is heavy

* Brake and accelerate less – they burn fuel

* Avoid stopping and starting where possible – roll up slowly

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