Hampton Roast Coffee earns praise at Larne Business Excellence Awards

A passion for ethical trade and the pursuit to find the freshest possible, great tasting coffee has earned Hampton Roast Coffee the coveted Sustainable Business title at this year’s Larne Business Excellence Awards.

The seeds of the business were sown when Rhyan McCoy started experimenting by roasting coffee in his kitchen using popcorn makers and various other devices. With his first real roaster purchased in 2019, the idea of Hampton Roast Coffee was born.

During the pandemic in 2020, Rhyan was able to develop his skills in coffee roasting, constantly striving to improve technique and quality. He started to sell his coffee to friends and family, as people were needing their coffee fix but with coffee shops closed. Hampton Roast Coffee was officially launched in January 2021 as a small batch coffee roaster and has seen its sales grow steadily since.

It takes pride in producing coffee that is of the highest quality but at the same time, trying to reduce the environmental impact of the production of coffee can have.

The winner of the Sustainable Business of The Year Award sponsored by Everun Ltd was Hampton Roast Coffee. The award was accepted by owner, Rhyan McCoy and presented by Diane Burke, Regional Director, National World, publishers of the Larne Times. LT48-200.

All its coffee is sourced from small holdings, single farmers and cooperative farms that hold rainforest alliance gradings that ensure the coffee is grown in a way that does not damage its environment through the use of chemicals, soil, damage and water pollution.

Rhyan said: “When we roast our coffee, we do so in small batches to prevent any food waste from stockpiling. One of our unique selling points is having a local delivery service where a customer’s coffee is delivered direct to the door, reducing the need for unnecessary transport from coffee to a warehouse to the shop shelf.

"We also encourage customers to use reusable coffee canisters to cut out the need for any coffee packaging at all and we are looking to reward these customers in early 2023. Equally we are phasing out all coffee bags that are not recyclable or compostable and by 2023 all our packaging will be kinder to its environment.

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Rhonda and Rhyan McCoy from Hampton Roast Coffee pictured at the Business Awards dinner. LT48-218.

"We trying to educate our customers of the impact that single use pod coffee is are having on its environment, with these pods, staying in landfill sites for hundreds of years from one cup of coffee. We are exploring the use of reusable Nespresso coffee pods and currently have some product testers using them in their homes.”