Help from the Barbour family

Belfast Charitable Society is celebrating another milestone in its bid to address social disadvantage and wants to thank the Barbour family for its generosity that enabled this to happen.

Together through the Barbour Fund, £100,000 has been committed to worthy causes in Lisburn and North Belfast over the last five years ago.

Established when The Hilden District Nursing Home and Belfast Charitable Society came together through a shared mission, the Barbour Fund,distributes the philanthropic giving on their behalf and will run until 2021.

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Paula Reynolds, CEO of Belfast Charitable Society commented: “The Barbour Fund was set up to help the people that need it most and it has enabled many local people to strive to do amazing things by removing barriers and giving everyone access to the same opportunities.”

Elise Coburn, a member of the Barbour family, explained: “The family has always wanted to empower people to better their lot, to give them the opportunity to build themselves up specifically in the Hilden area of Lisburn, where we originated from. In recent years, however, the trustees felt working with the Belfast Charitable Society to deliver our philanthropic work through the Barbour Fund would enable the family’s legacy to continue on. We are very happy that has proved its case and the £100,000 which is a very significant amount has gone to many fantastic and needy causes.”

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