In pictures: Belfast Zoo animals have fun with donated Christmas trees

The inhabitants of Belfast Zoo are currently enjoying some fun enrichment experiences thanks to a generous number of donated Christmas trees.

The zoo invited members of the public to donate their natural Christmas trees once the festive season was over so the animals could enjoy them.

The scheme has proved very popular with both the public and the zoo’s inhabitants.

The donated trees are being used for animal enrichment activities ranging from scent play to shelter and food foraging. Excess Christmas trees which aren’t used by the animals will be recycled by chipping the trees. The chippings will be used in the zoo enclosures and as mulch for flower beds.

A zoo spokesperson said: “We would like to thank all those who generously donated their festive firs to the zoo.

"We are delighted that the scheme has been so popular.”

The donation period has now closed and the zoo can no longer accept any more trees.

Have a look at this special picture gallery to see how the trees are being put to good use.

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