In pictures: celebrating Shared Education at Hart Memorial and Presentation primary schools in Portadown

A real sense of community was enjoyed by parents, children, governors and staff from Hart Memorial and Presentation primary schools at a special showcase event of Shared Education work completed throughout the past academic year.

The event, held in the Millennium Court in Portadown, featured displays of the work undertaken by children from P1 to P7.

The two schools have been taking part in Shared Education lessons for more than 25 years and bonds are as strong as ever between them. This could clearly be seen from the work and photographs that were on display for everyone to see.

Both schools would like to thank the following for their help and support:

  • Bethany and her team from Oasis Youth came to school and hosted a workshop and from this lots of children from both schools enjoy going to the afterschool clubs they offer.
  • Healthy Kidz staff are always on hand to help the children celebrate all the work that has been completed during Shared Education lessons. They host a fun day at the Peoples Park for P4 to P7 children and a fun morning for the P1 to P3 children; during the month of June.
  • Currently the P6 children from Hart Memorial PS and Presentation PS are taking part in a basketball project run by PeacePlayers. Alex made contact with school at the start of the year and has organised four weeks of basketball workshops. The boys and girls are having a great time learning lots of new skills.
  • The Millennium Court in Portadown allowed the schools to use their building to host the event. A huge thank you from both schools for allowing this.
  • A big thanks to Tesco in Portadown for the tea, coffee, milk and biscuits that were supplied by them and used during the event.

Photographer Tony Hendron went along to the Millennium Court event to mark the Shared Education showcase event with these pictures.

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