In pictures: Mosside WI gather for February meeting

The Mosside WI ladies enjoyed a very informative meeting recently with Jackie Brogan, Community Champion for Tesco and Peter Rollins from Ballymoney Foodbank.

Jackie shared that Tesco has worked with the Ballymoney Foodbank for the last ten years and that Tesco gives a further 20% in cash to the weight of the items collected by the public.

Tesco supports Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK, along with supporting local charities, as any monies raised from carrier bags, go to Community Groups, and Blue Tokens help to raise money for local schools, community groups, etc.

Tesco also operates Zero Food Waste, donating food to local playgroups and community groups, also working with Ollio, a food redistribution mobile app. Jackie also shared that £150,000 has been raised by Tesco for the recent earthquake in Turkey. They work with the British Red Cross and Armed Forces and support the North West 200 by making up 700 food packs to feed the Marshalls.

Peter shared that the Ballymoney Foodbank (The Trussell Trust), partners with Tesco, they have a trolley at the door of Tesco, which the public fill and each day Peter and the Volunteers come and collect – within three days they can collect over 2 tonnes of food, which will fill 168 boxes.

Collections also come from 22 churches within the area. The Foodbank works on a voucher system which will provide emergency food for 3-4 days. The vouchers are provided by several organisations – Social Services, Surestart, teachers, doctors, political parties, etc.

Peter shared that the majority of people using the foodbank were not from the benefits system but those on a low income, during COVID the foodbank offered help to self employed people who could not do their jobs because of the pandemic.

He also informed members that the Foodbank could only help 3-4 times within six months, then they would be referred on the Citizen Advice and Christians against Poverty. Peter thanked the WI ladies for the food collection that they had brought that evening.

Louise Wright thanked both Jackie and Peter for such an informative evening. The Valentine’s Competition was won by Roberta Morrison, with Kathleen Taggart in second place and Lena McKeeman, third.

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