Kilwaughter Castle’s new owners to share their ambition on national TV

The intriguing story of why - and how - a young couple have become owners of Kilwaughter Castle outside Larne is to be shared on national television this weekend.

UTV's Eden Wilson at Kilwaughter Castle, outside Larne.

Ryan Greer (27) and his partner Helenna Howie (28), who live on the Coast Road, bought into the historic landmark a few months ago, making it now the first time in 150 years that the castle has had owners residing full time in the area.

Ryan, originally from Ballyclare and Helenna, from Whitehead, are passionate in their ambition to see Kilwaughter Castle thrive for the future generations and be a centrepiece for tourism.

They hope to be able to create a new era for the estate and make it a pride of place for the Larne area and further afield.

Ryan Greer and Helenna Howie, will be appearing on 'All Around Britain' on Sunday, October 31.

As property manager for Kilwaughter Castle, Ryan has been managing the site since 2019. With a sound knowledge of history and architecture, he has worked tirelessly to promote it and now with their new ownership status, he and Helenna are even more enthusiastic about their plans to place the castle at the centre of regeneration in the Larne area.

Their story is to be shared this weekend on ‘All Around Britain’ on ITV, the popular series in which Alex Beresford and Ria Hebden explore some of the most fascinating visitor destinations and landmarks across Britain and Northern Ireland and bring heartwarming stories from ITV’s regional teams.

On the programme, Larne woman and UTV reporter Eden Wilson finds out about the castle’s amazing history and Ryan and Helenna’s plans for its future.

A local to Kilwaughter herself, Eden has always wondered about the mysterious castle tucked away in the foothills of Shanes and Agnew’s Hills, which she can see from her kitchen window.

Ryan Greer and Helenna Howie chat to UTV's Eden Wilson on 'All Around Britain'.

The 26-year-old reporter’s interests peaked when she found out someone of similar age had just bought the estate.

“Kilwaughter Castle has always been a mystery to me. It’s only a short walk from my home and yet I knew very little about its history, or even how to access it. There’s even a painting of the castle in its former glory hanging in my family home.

“When I saw it in the flesh, I was honestly awe-struck. It’s such an impressive building, with an even more impressive history. 

“The castle is in the best of hands. Ryan and Helenna have such a passion for the place and big plans for its future. I can’t wait to see how the castle transforms in the years to come.

Ryan Greer and Helenna Howie explain the historic importance of Kilwaughter Castle.

“If you’re a local to Larne, it’s a must-watch. You’ll hopefully learn something new and see a side to the castle you haven’t before”.

‘All Around Britain’ is on ITV on Sunday, October 31 at 11.55am.

Ria Hebden and Alex Beresford, presenters of 'All Around Britain'.