Lisburn singer Raymond Walsh nominated for Grammy Award

A local Lisburn man, Raymond Walsh, has just found out that he has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre album, as a featured singer on the Les Misérables Staged Concert Album.

The Les Miserables staged concert cast

Raymond played the role of Grantaire and recorded the album towards the end of 2019 in the West End alongside the Universal Pictures film version of the show, before it was then released at the start of this year. “It feels like a lifetime ago since we recorded the album, so long ago in fact it was before I had even heard what Covid was,” explained Raymond.

“It really was the dream job and the chance to be a part of the history of the show in recorded form was a huge honour and lifelong dream.

“It was listening to the original cast album that inspired me to become a performer so I hope that our version can do the same to the next generation.”

Raymond Walsh with West End star Alfie Boe

Raymond found out that he had been nominated in rather peculiar circumstances.

“I was playing my Playstation when I looked down on my phone and read a text from Matt Lucas saying that we had been nominated for a Grammy,” continued Raymond.

“With Matt you are always on your toes about whether it is a joke or not so I was delighted to see he was being serious (for once).”

This is not the first time Raymond has performed in Les Miserables, having also graced the West End stage as comedic character Monsieur Thénardier in a previous production of the timeless musical.

Raymond with the Shamrock Tenors

Raymond is currently preparing with his band, the Shamrock Tenors, for some major concerts across the world in 2022.

“We were determined to stay proactive online during the pandemic so we released a number of videos on social media which gained over 6 million views across all platforms.

“Through that we managed to get working with Daniel O’Donnell’s management team, KCP Management who, along with LiveNation, have arranged a Shamrock Tenors St Patrick’s Day Concert at Birmingham Symphony Hall next year. We will also be headlining a number of festivals in Georgia and North Carolina in March 2022 but our main goal is to get back to Belfast with a big homecoming concert.”

If you would like to see the Shamrock Tenors Live, follow them on social media for the latest news on tickets. Find out more about the band at