Lisburn women camp for four days and queue for 14 hours to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II

Four Lisburn women made sure they were in London to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth as Her Majesty laid in state and also attended the state funeral, during which they made sure the people of Lisburn were represented by unveiling an Ulster flag and floral tribute.

Elaine Harrison told the Ulster Star they felt it was important that they honoured the much-loved monarch in this way.

‘‘We felt it important to go see our late Majesty laying in state and attend the state funeral, as we had done in 2002 for the Queen Mother,’’ Elaine explains.

‘‘Our late Queen had devoted her whole life to serve us and she did it tremendously. It was very emotional but an honour to pay our respects.’’

Rachel Hamilton and her mum June Stout from Manor Park, Elaine Harrison and Sandra Whitfield. The dedicated group camped out for days, including queuing for 14 hours to see the Queen Laying in State, to pay their respects
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Hillsborough Castle Gardens relocates floral tributes left for the Queen

Speaking to the Ulster Star on Tuesday night, the dedicated group of locals, Rachel Hamilton and her mum June Stout from Manor Park, Elaine Harrison and Sandra Whitfield, were awaiting their flight home at the busy airport, having been away for four days in total to pay their respects.

‘‘We were booked to go on Sunday but after watching the news we were afraid we might miss the opportunity to see the Queen laying in state,’’ Elaine explains. ‘‘So we changed our flight and arrived on Saturday evening and went straight to the queue.

‘‘We queued for 14 hours met some awesome people. It meant so much to us and it was well worth the wait. In Westminster Hall the atmosphere was emotional, peaceful and very overwhelming.

John and Anna, 90 year old pensioners, and their very own King Charles (their beloved pet dog) camped outside to pay their respects

‘‘We are actually just sitting in airport now waiting to return home so were away for four days in total,’’ Elaine explains.

Yesterday (Monday 19 September), the procession was very moving and a beautiful and fitting tribute to our beloved Queen.

The atmosphere was amazing, we camped outside the Queen’s horse guard where we met people from all over the world.

‘‘One lady had travelled from Minnesota, USA and also two 90 year olds and their very own King Charles, their beloved dog, who camped out all night next to us who had previously been to the Queen’s Coronation.

Team photo: Rachel Hamilton and her mum June Stout from Manor Park,Elaine Harrison and Sandra Whitfield stand with their local flag

"Their stories and determination kept all our spirits up all night long with true British grit and very welcome tea, coffee and blankets from the Salvation Army.’’

The group of four local women were in London to pay respest to the Queen, including lining the streets to watch the procession pass on 19 September
The touching floral tribute left for the Queen