Some of the band members who took part in Saturday's Apprentice Boys of Derry Lundy's Day parade.

Lundy's Day in pictures: Thousands gather for annual Apprentice Boys parade

Thousands of people from all over Northern Ireland gathered for this year’s Apprentice Boys of Derry annual Lundy’s Day parade.

Held each year on the first Saturday in December, the Shutting of the Gates parade commemorates the actions of the 13 apprentices who shut the city’s gates in 1688 and set in place the events which led to the Great Siege.

More than 25 bands joined this year’s parade on Saturday (December 3) ahead of a service of thanksgiving in St Columb’s Cathedral and a wreath-laying ceremony.

The main parade concluded with the burning of an effigy of Lt Col Robert Lundy, known as Lundy the traitor.

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