Man accused of killing ‘family pet’ has all charges dismissed

A MAN who had been accused of killing a woman’s “family pet” - a cat - in Randalstown, has had all the charges he faced dismissed at Ballymena Magistrates Court.

Kormelijus Bracas (23), of Church View in Randalstown, had been charged with causing ‘criminal damage’ to a cat.

The wording on the charge sheet was that between August 27 and September 9 last year the defendant ‘without lawful excuse damaged a cat’... (belonging to a woman) ... ‘intending to damage such property or being reckless as to whether such property would be damaged’.

Bracas had also been accused in relation to a charge which read that between August 27 and September 3 ‘by reason of an act, or failure to act by you, caused unnecessary suffering to a cat and you knew or ought reasonably to have known that the said act or failure to act would have that effect or was likely to do’.

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The defendant had also further been charged with stealing a bank card and £7 cash belonging to the woman on September 3 and entering an address at Tresna Park in Randalstown on that date when he was alleged to have, according to the charge sheet, ‘threatened violence towards’ the woman in breach of a Restraining Order.

The Magistrates Court in Ballymena previously heard the defendant, a Lithuanian, had been in custody for a time in relation to the charges but had been granted bail.

Full details were not outlined to the court but defence barrister Aaron Thompson previously said: “It involves quite a serious allegation really of a familial behaviour. There is a criminal damage which is the alleged killing of a family pet”.

The defendant had denied the charges and a contest had been fixed for January 13.

At Thursday’s court, the alleged injured party was called but had not appeared.

A prosecutor said the woman, originally from Lithuania, had indicated to them at the start of the week that she wished to make a “withdrawal statement”.

The prosecutor said a message was then conveyed to Court Service that the alleged injured party did not wish to attend court and she “doesn’t want to proceed with the case”.

The prosecutor said they were then “offering no evidence” in the case and District Judge Nigel Broderick dismissed the charges.