Mother of ‘amazing’ boy calls for more awareness of meningitis

A Carrick mother has shared here “amazing” son’s story in a bid to increase awareness about the potential consequences of meningitis.

Ezra Muresan.
Ezra Muresan.
Ezra Muresan.

Sorina Muresan spoke this week of how Ezra battled back from the devastating impact of the disease to start school.

His remarkable journey was detailed as a charity report published during Meningitis Awareness Week (16-22 September) shows most people in Northern Ireland don’t know how meningitis can affect people.

The Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) findings come as vaccine coverage in babies under one-year-old has declined.

Almost all of those surveyed (96%) in the province did not know deafness was a common after effect of meningitis. Eight people in 10 also underestimated or did not know the number of people that could be left with severe impairments from meningitis.

With effective support people can reach their potential. Ezra had meningococcal septicaemia when he was only a year old. Sorina got involved with MRF when the family attended a ‘Pushing the Boundaries’ support event for families.

Sorina said: “Meningitis is an aggressive disease, and my son had a poor chance of surviving. Luckily, he did and even though Ezra lost both his legs below his knees, fingers on his right hand, and some brain scars, he is so resilient.

“Ezra is an amazing boy, he does great with his prosthesis. He has just started school and he’s doing really well. It was really helpful to us to attend MRF’s support event and meet other families in a similar situation.”

Vinny Smith, CEO of MRF, said: “We’re pleased that Ezra is doing so well. While many are aware that meningitis costs lives, fewer people know about the damage the disease can do to people’s long term health and their future. The cost to people can be immense, and sadly some never fully recover, so the right support is essential.

“MRF is here for everyone affected by meningitis. We’re calling for ongoing support from specialist care services, and although we know some people receive excellent post-meningitis care, we want that help to be available to all.

“MRF-funded research has shown how important effective aftercare is to quality of life, that’s why we have a free support services. Those who contact our support team tell us it is vital for their recovery and helps them feel less isolated.”

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