Police have a deflating experience

Police got a little more than they bargained for after sharing a humorous post on Facebook about a slow puncture on one of their vehicles.

The joke fell a bit ‘flat’ with some readers, who felt the tyre had seen a few too many doughnuts.

In a post, on the PSNI Craigavon Facebook, page Officer ‘M’ said: “One nail has been detained for assault on police (car) following a thoroughly deflating incident earlier on today (Saturday, June 8).

“Thankfully, Big G and myself were able to change it without looking too foolish.

“As we found out, it’s always a good idea to do a quick visual check of your vehicle before you drive it. Slow punctures can go from undetectable to fatal if left unchecked. Know where your wheel brace, lock nuts, jack, and of course spare wheel is!

“Thanks to Oul P our MT, we had everything to hand to make an F1 pit stop look sloppy.”


But readers pounced on the state of the tyres quicker than a traffic branch officer booking his grandmother!

Winning the internet for the day was one comment: “That tyre has seen a few doughnuts.”

And hot on its heels; “You flatly refused to have to tread the beat as you would have been tyred out.”

While another reader commented: “Are ya`s running slicks?”

Although one reader felt: “About another 1,000 miles on that tyre.”

We’ll quit before the jokes become ‘tyresome’.