Police smash door in to find occupant with serious head injury

Police have revealed how a piece of equipment normally used for ‘putting in doors’ ahead of a property search or an arrest may well have saved someone’s life earlier today (July 3).

A spokesperson for police in Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon outlined how a ‘method of entry’ equipment is available to members of the Tactical Support Group.

“Method of entry kit, like the enforcer, enables officers when absolutely necessary to enter a property by force.

“The enforcer is best known for putting doors in to facilitate entry to a property to search it or arrest a person, however it also facilitates entry to save lives.”

Police put the door in to find the injured occupant,

The Tactical Support Group known as The Emeralds, along with colleagues in the local policing team and members of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, forced entry to a property this morning after concerns were raised that an oocupant had sustained a head injury.

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“On officers entering, they located the occupier who had fallen asleep and on them being woken was confused, dazed and had indeed serious injuries to his head.

“Only for the swift actions of local police, Ambulance Service and The Emeralds, the outcome may have been very different,” the PSNI spokesperson added.

The piece of equipment used by police to force entry.