Pooches to have howl of a time at new Doggie Cafe

It all sounds like a ‘paw’fect day for pooches as a new Doggy Cafe is set to open in Co Armagh.

Volunteers from Cavaliers In Need (NI)
Volunteers from Cavaliers In Need (NI)
Volunteers from Cavaliers In Need (NI)

The Doggy Cafe is opening in Portadown and run by the forward-thinking Rectory Community Action Group (RCAG).

Pampered pooches will have a howl of a time at the event - as indeed will their owners.

And it is all in aid of a fantastic cause dog charity Cavaliers in Need NI.

At the Doggie Cafe on Saturday will be a Doggie Fancy Dress competition (£1 to enter) with all monies going to Cavaliers In Need NI.

The organisers will also be running Doggie games and doggie treats and drinks will be on offer.

There will also be Cuddle Dogs from Cavaliers in Need NI and Dog Bags on the day.

The Rectory Community Action Group (RCAG) are running the event on Saturday 28th September from 2.00pm to 4.30pm.

It will be held at Regenerate at Rectory - the area’s Community House.

The doggy cafe is an opportunity for dog owners and their pouches to meet, build friendship and have fun around their love and passion for dogs.

A spokesperson for the organisers said: “The event provides an opportunity for dog owners to meet and build community together, around their passion.

“Therefore the focus will remain on what is strong within the community,” said the spokesperso.

There will be an emphasis on people’s love for dogs and not what is wrong dog fouling.

The cafe will promote Cavaliers in Need NI - which is a charity who rescue dogs from puppy farms and help rehome them to loving families.

They will also be promoting Green Dog walkers (a council scheme to reduce dog fouling).

The spokesperson said that the

The Policing and Community Safety Partnership will help raise awareness around dog walkers safety (during the winter months) and give away free panic alarms to people who sign up to the green dog walker scheme.

The eventing before the event the Rectory Community Action Group will work with a group of teenagers from the area to bake home made doggy treats.

Cavaliers in Need is a small and growing rescue group of volunteers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lovers who came together in 2013. Members provide foster homes for dogs in need and fundraise to support this work and the group also meet on a regular basis for a bit of fun.