Portadown couple, who met at Bible College in Holland, welcome New Year’s Day baby Jonathan Pieter-Jan

Just 12 minutes after Midday on New Year’s Day, baby Jonathan Pieter-Jan was born to proud parents Heleen and Phil Hammond from Portadown.

The couple, who met at a Bible College in Holland, are thrilled at the birth of their third child - who weighed in at a 3620g (almost eight pounds).

Heleen (33) and Phil (35), who were married in 2013 celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in October.

Heleen, who trained as a primary school teacher, is a full time mum to their six-year-old Daniel and little Rachel who is almost four.

Phil & Heleen Hammond with their two children Rachel and Daniel, and Jonathan Pieter-Jan Hammond.

Daniel and Rachel attend Millington Primary and Nursery School.

Dad Phil, works as a designer, and his wife and family belong to First Presbyterian Church in Portadown.

Heleen said: “Thankfully it was a straightforward birth. You are just happy that the baby arrived healthy.”

She said: “I am from a family of five with a brother and sister and it is really lovely having siblings.

Portadown woman Heleen Hammond, formerly from Holland, with her New Year's Day baby Jonathan Pieter-Jan Hammond.

“I think this is nice for our children to have a little brother.”

Heleen said it was a wonderful start to the New Year.

“After having a baby you forget what day it is. It is funny it is already the new year.

“When I was pregnant, I was due to give birth next year in January and suddenly it is January.

“So he was bang on time. I was surprised,” she said.

Heleen revealed that little Jonathan is already showing signs of being tall like herself and her husband and her Dutch family.

“He is a long, tall baby,” she said.