Ballygally Castle tops list as the UK's 'most haunted'

Ballygally Castle on the scenic County Antrim coast has been named the most haunted castle in the UK.

Research by online pop culture retailer, Lost Universe, measured the number of Google searches for haunted places, as well as some of the goosebump-inducing stories that go along with them.

Built in 1625 and housing nearly 400 years of spine-chilling history, Ballygally Castle is reportedly home to the ghost of Lady Isabella Shaw.

Legend has it that Lord James Shaw wanted a son, and when his wife delivered a daughter, he snatched the baby from Lady Isabella and locked her in a room at the top of the castle.

Ballygally Castle.

While trying to escape and search for her child, she fell or was pushed to her death from the tower window.

Since then, Lady Isabella’s spirit is said to roam the castle searching endlessly for her baby daughter.


Scott Weatherup, General Manager of Ballygally Castle said: “Despite the tragic tale, Lady Isabella’s ghost has a friendly spirit and can be spotted wandering along the castle’s corridors. She is very much part of the history of the hotel and our guests love to hear her story and visit the Ghost Room, which is where she tried to escape from, located in the original part of the hotel."

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