Stewartstown pupils world champs again!

Stewartstown Primary School have topped the score boards again, in a recent numeracy challenge.

The school entered the Mathletics competition in November and came out clear winners, competing against schools from all across the globe.

The children had to complete maths activities online, accumulating points as they went along. With each correct question earning the child 10 points, the school team answered an obscene amount of correct questions to win the competition with a pupil average of17,153 points!

Second place went to a school in Belgrade with 5,430 points, giving the school a huge 11,723 lead.

The Co Tyrone primary school have had great success in the competition over the past three years.

They were previous world champions back in 2017, runners up in 2018 before regaining their world champion status again this year.

For the past three consecutive years, the school was the best placed primary school in the world! Quite a remarkable achievement for the small, rural school.

Speaking about the school’s success, principal Ms Kendra Bolton said that the entire school was proud of the children’s performance.

“Everyone embraced the challenge, and played their role in getting to the top. It was a mammoth task, which the children took in their stride.

“Without the teamwork approach, our school wouldn’t be once again on top of the world. We are thrilled to be able to show the world what a fantastic school we are.”

The challenge was offered worldwide to all schools who use Mathletics as a digital tool for teaching and consolidating mathematical skills.

Hundreds of schools across the globe signed up for the challenge, and the school with the highest average participation points per pupil was deemed the winner.

The competition runs for one week in November, seeing students compete in live, multi-player challenges, plus answer paced adaptive maths curriculum questions using the Mathletics platform, which can be accessed through a computer or portable device. Once again the children from Stewartstown emerged clear winners.

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