Trust praises 'passion and commitment' of long-serving staff member Sally

The Northern Health and Social Care Trust has paid tribute to a long-serving staff member after she retired this month.

Sally Cunningham
Sally Cunningham

Sally Cunningham was based with the Trust’s Carrickfergus Family Support Team for 19 years in what was often a hectic, but rewarding role. “We work with families and children who are having some kind of difficulty,” she said.

“It wasn’t always an easy job, but I enjoyed doing it. It was always important to remember that everyone is different; not everyone manages things in the same way and our job was to help them make changes and plan for the future.

“[The team] covers Carrickfergus, Larne and Greenisland; it’s a big area with a big population so it was very busy. I’ve been lucky to have great team leaders supporting me, and the people I work with have been like a second family.”

Paying tribute to Sally, the NHSCT said: “Sally has been a great asset to the service, supporting families and staff. She has seen many changes in Carrickfergus Family Support Team over the years and has always been a constant familiar figure for everyone.

“Sally has always shown commitment and passion in her role. A service user commented, ‘Sally has gone above and beyond for my family; she has always been there for me and been consistent. No matter how bad things got I felt I could be myself with Sally as she always understood where I was coming from.’

"She will be missed by everyone within Carrickfergus Family Support Team and the Northern Trust, and we wish her well in her retirement .”

As for Sally herself, retirement will offer the chance for a well-earned rest. “To go from being so busy to having a lot more free time will take a bit of getting used to, but I’m looking forward to it,” she said.