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Social impact company Clearer Water’s model has worked towards closing the gap in disability employment –and now the the business has been officially recognised for its efforts by lifting the Innovation category of the 2022 Larne Business Excellence Awards.

Clearer Water is a mixed ability employer, with 80 per cent of the staff describing themselves as having an additional need. Clearer Water has established a “human centric work design” which includes flexible work experiences, an understanding and empathetic management approach and differentiated training and development opportunities.

By employing and up skilling individuals who would have found it difficult to secure and maintain employment without Clearer Water, they are realising their social commitment, providing valuable employment, as well as, motivating economic growth for the local community.

Clearer Water has undertaken an innovative refresh of the brand; the introduction of a bright blue and green banner across the logo, ensured the differentiation between “Still” and “With Bubbles” was quick and easy for busy hospitality staff in bustling bars and restaurants to identify. As a brand that champions inclusion, Clearer Water wanted their retail customers to be able to select between products with ease and the new colour coded labels and coordinating lids have received positive reviews, guaranteeing the product is accessible to all.

The Excellence in Innovation Award was picked up by Clearer Water. The award was presented by Helen Reilly from category sponsor Caterpillar and was gratefully accepted by Clearer Water representatives from left, Ross Lazaroo-Hood, David Hunter and Sitki Gelmen. LT48-202.

Clearer Waters’ sparkling water; uniquely branded “With Bubbles”, whilst simply an “easy read” description of the product, the term still maintained the sophistication often afforded to sparkling products and is entirely unique to the Clearer Water brand. On the reverse of the Clearer Water bottle is a QR code which when scanned by a camera on a smart device will lead the customer to an information page. This page provides insight into the Clearer Water staff responsible for bottling the product, as well as, the social initiatives undertaken by the company.

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Clearer Water’s innovative concept of linking the consumer to the social impact they are having by purchasing Clearer Water allows the consumer to experience the “feel good factor.” They are creating substantial change easily and by seeing themselves as central to Clearer Water’s story and success they are more inclined to support the brand long term.