Police investigating dog abuse video

Police have confirmed they are investigating a video uploaded online which allegedly shows a dog being physically abused by two men.

The video, which appeared on social media site, YouTube, has sparked outrage on the Leader’s Facebook page.

A PSNI spokesman said, “We received a report of footage of animal cruelty in the Banbridge area appearing on a social media site. Investigations are ongoing at this time.”

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Animal charity USPCA has offered a reward of £500 for information to passed to the police which leads to a conviction.

USPCA spokesman David Wilson said, “The footage reported to us by many concerned Facebook users is utterly appalling. Those involved in the abuse must be placed before a court.

“The USPCA has spoken to PSNI and offered our full support for their investigation. This charity is offering a reward of £500 for information passed to the PSNI that leads to a conviction.

“The dog clearly needs veterinary care and we will provide this through our Newry Veterinary Hospital.”

Mr Wilson added, “If you know where the incident occurred, the whereabouts of the dog or the identity of the abusers please pass this information directly to PSNI or through Crimestoppers.”